Gloege's Northern Sun
Canoe Outfitting 
Nimrod, Minn.
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Gloege's Canoe Outfitting and the

Crow Wing River Map


The Crow Wing River originates from a chain of 11 lakes in southern Hubbard County then flows southeast about 90 miles before joining the Mississippi River.  A wing-shaped island at the mouth accounts for the river's name. Although the sand-bottom river is seldom more than three feet deep, it is nearly always deep enough for canoeing. Because of its many campsites and undeveloped shores, the Crow Wing River is one of the state's best "wilderness" routes for canoeists.

Gloege's Northern Sun Canoe Outfitting primarily utilizes the segment of the Crow Wing Canoe Trail that is located in Wadena County.  This portion of the Canoe Trail runs past three State campgrounds (Shell City, Big Bend and Huntersville State Campground) and nine county campgrounds (Tree Farm Landing, Anderson's Crossing, Frame's Landing, Little White Dog, Knob Hill, Cottingham, Bullard's Bluff, Old Wadena and McGivern Park.)  These campgrounds are located every three to seven miles along the Canoe Trail.  All State and county campgrounds are primitive.  County campgrounds include picnic tables, a fire pit, firewood, a water pump and outhouse.   State campgrounds have the same amenities as county campgrounds, with the exception of firewood provision.   Big Bend does not have a water pump. All campgrounds but Big Bend charge a fee per site.  All campgrounds are on a first-come, first-served basis.  

Gloege's Northern Sun Outfitting is conveniently located at the mid-point of the 
Canoe Trail, just 1.5 river miles north of the village of Nimrod (between Anderson's Crossing and Stigman's Mound on the map  linked below).   Gloege's also operates a campground that is reserved exclusively for Gloege canoeists and kayakers.  

A link the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources's map of the Crow Wing Canoe Trail is provided below.  

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